Craft Kora Grass - Pattamadai
Kora Grass - Pattamadai
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Kora Grass - Pattamadai


Mats made of Kora grass are some of Kerala’s most stunning works of art. Killimangalam in Thrissur area is well known for Kora grass products, while other production centre incorporates Chittur and Malampuzha in the Palakkad region. Kora grass are eco-friendly artworks for household and business purposes. This kind of grass develops richly in riverbanks and damp zones, and can be utilized to make skin-friendly mats.

The grass used are gathered toward the end of the winter season (February-March), and after the rainy season (September-October). “The grasses are gathered using machetes and knives. Green grasses are favoured while collecting, which later turn light yellow subsequent to drying and processing. The collected green grasses are cut open, and their inward white essence is expelled with a blade. The external part is the helpful fibre for weaving.” 

”Thin strips are made of the fibre and dried in the sun. The green grass turns yellow after drying, and is tied up as bundles to absorb water. Stones are tied to the two closures of the package and made to drift in running water to clean the grass and help it to swell up for up to three times its original size.”




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