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Kantha Embroidery
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Kantha Embroidery


Kantha, a well-known style of weaving that originates from West Bengal, is a noteworthy display that shows the skill and ability of the rural womenfolk in Bengal. Kantha, which fundamentally signifies ‘throat’, is related to Lord Shiva. The story spins around how Lord Shiva devoured poison while blending up the sea, and the significance of this term goes back to the Vedic times. This type of stitch is basically the running stitch and is very simple in its understated elegance.

“Traditionally, this weaving was utilized for blankets, dhotis and saris. However, over time, it has developed and advanced directly into the core of Indian mould. The yarn is taken from old sari borders; the design is then traced lastly secured with running stitches. Today, this sort of weaving can be found on shawls, cushion covers and home goods.”

The principal kind is the Lep Kantha, which is used to make warm, cushioned blankets. There is also Sujuni Kantha, which is used to make bed blankets for formal events. Baiton Kantha is used on spreads intended to wrap books and different valuable articles.




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