Craft Jewellery from Assam
Jewellery from Assam
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Jewellery from Assam


Assamese jewellers use lah (lac) to fill the frame, paat-xun (gold leaf) to embed stones and a unique stone, called kosoti khil, to test the purity of gold. Traditional Assamese jewellery doesn’t gleam; it gets slightly dull with time and that, precisely, is its beauty.

An age-old traditional craft passed on within the family thru generations, the craft of jewellery making in Assam is a time-honoured one. Gold washing and jewellery making were two important and ancient industries in Assam and gold dust was abundantly found in the sands of the rivers.

Both men and women wear jewellery but their designs are different. The Kalika Purana lists 40 different kinds made of Gold and Silver. The other different metals used include copper, brass, bronze, amber, ivory.
The designs have magnificent names, such as Loka-paro (twin pigeons placed side to side), Xensorai (the hawk), Bena (moon- shape with alligator ends) and Gejera (boat-shape).




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