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Gota Patti
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Gota Patti


Gota Patti (denoting a thin ribbon created out of gold/silver/metal strands) is a traditional embroidery method from Rajasthan. Gota embroidery heavily involves the applique technique, where small fragments of zari bands are applied onto the material with the boundaries sewn down tofashion intricate patterns. Gota embroidery is used expansively in wedding and formal garments.

“Considered to be shagun/a sign of good premonition and goodwill, Gota may be used as kinari (edging) or cut and wrought into designs that are sewn onto attires and turbans worn during nuptials and festivals such as Id, Diwali, Dussehra, Sharad Purnima, Holi, Teej and Gangaur.”

The process to create the ancestral craft of Gota is extensive and time consuming. “The primary stage is to trace the motif onto the textile. The foundation textiles used for Gota Patti work are lightweight chiffon, georgette, solid dyed satin, or printed fabrics. Diverse styles of printing are used in materials like direct (wooden block), resist style (tie and dye, batiks) or discharge. The entire craft’s relevance depends on seasonal demand and style trends of the local market and economy. Typically, fast colours like red, green, pink, and yellow are used for colouring and printing.” 


Gold/Silver/Metal strips


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