Craft Crochet
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It is generally acknowledged that lace craft is a recent introduction to the Indian subcontinent. The term crochet is derived from croc, or crochet, a Middle French term for ‘hook’. 

Crochet lace is a fabric made from a solitary string that is inter-looped by using the hook in a way that a novel stitch is created by drawing the strand through the earlier stitch. The facade develops in a circular, spiral, or to and fro manner. “Geometrical and floral patterns are most favoured in lace work.” 

The craft was pioneered in the early 20th century by the Macrae couples in Scotland, and taken to womenfolk in the West Godavari regions of Andhra Pradesh, where it is has flourished. It has matured into a full-fledged export-oriented business providing express service to more than 70,000 women and artisans, who have formed Self Help Groups to take this intricate craft forward.




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