Craft Chamba Rumal
Chamba Rumal
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Chamba Rumal

Himachal Pradesh

The expression Chamba rumal entails a distinctive visual art form that symbolizes inimitable, and charming embroidery is done on a hand-spun textile with untwisted silk threads, greatly inspired by pahari paintings. 

“Rumal is a Persian word which means ‘kerchief’, a four-sided piece of material worn on the head or around the neck,” who sews these textiles. “Originally, the textiles used for the sewing were large unbleached muslin or khaddar. The depiction is drawn in sketches with fine brushes by the skilled pahari painters. The women embroiderers sometimes draw the outlines and figurines themselves. This results in two unusual styles: one chic, and elegant in draughtsmanship, and the other fairly coarse, and intrepid in handling.”

The kind of sewing in Mandi, Suket and Bilaspur is unlike the style common in Chamba. In the former princely states, the embroidered kerchiefs with floral and bird patterns were called hathapura, and used for giving gifts during wedding ceremonies.


Bleached Muslin / Khadder


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