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Bhadohi Carpets
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Bhadohi Carpets


Bhadohi lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is renowned for its beautiful hand-knotted carpets, earning it the name ‘Carpet City’. The hand-knotted carpets are called so because they are made using the knot-by-knot technique. The beauty of the design comes from the way the knots are made intricately using the fingers. The higher the number of knots present, the more intricate and expensive the carpet. The weaving industry comprises dyers, designers, and weavers. The knotting is done on a vertical loom.

Carpet making started in the region in the medieval times during the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar. History reveals that a group of Iranian weavers, led by Sheikh Madar Ullah, were attacked by a band of robbers. They were rescued by the villagers of Mirzapur. As an act of gratitude, Sheikh Madar Ullah decided to teach his skills to his rescuers, and he along with his men stayed in the region. 

Bhadohi carpets have patterns that are diverse, ranging from traditional intricate to contemporary minimalist. In 2010, Bhadohi carpets earned the GI tag.


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