Craft Aranmula Kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi
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Aranmula Kannadi

Aranula, kerala

Vishwananth Iyer, a maker of these age-old metal mirrors, says that the exact metals used in the alloy are upheld as a Vishwakarma family secret. Metallurgists propose that the alloy is a mixture of copper, and tin. Explaining the relevance of this combination, Iyer explains, “It is polished for many days to attain the mirror's reflective facade. These metal mirrors are considered to be one of the eight auspicious pieces or ashtamangalyam that play a key role in the entrance of the bride into a wedding venue, and make up a Kerala bride’s trousseau.”

These exceptional metal mirrors are the result of Kerala’s rich artistic and metallurgical customs. They have immense historical and intellectual value and are supposed to bring good luck. For centuries, they have been produced by one extensive family in Aranmula. The genesis of the Aranmula kannadi is also linked to the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple.




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