Craft Applique
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Barmer, Rajasthan

Applique in Rajasthan is akin to Katab patchwork from Kathiawar, a peninsular expanse near the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. The base material used is mainly white in colour. Patchwork patterns of diverse sizes, figures, and colours are set in a way that produces enchanting patterns.

The most distinguished Rajasthani Applique work is produced by the Marwari communities. Due to the dense workmanship done by both genders, it is believed that Rajasthani applique work is influenced by the Egyptians. The delicate craft of Applique and cut work practised by the women, as well as the art of obscure stitching, migrated from Pakistan to India along with these refugees.

The craft of Applique and cut work rivets the multifarious procedure of drawing an outline on the textile, beating the motif with accuracy to cut it, and then layering the foundation with another material. The contour of the base: circle, square, triangle or oval, is determined next in the process. Patterns are cut into leaves, geometric shapes, animals, and gods. The colours can be subtle and pale, or contrasting and bright.




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