Sohit kumar Prajapati, Black Pottery Tray

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Earthen vessels that were used for cooking,eating and storing grains before metal utensils were invented,hence these throw light on the food habits of people in  that era,their relegious and social customs technology they used for making clay objects. They serve as a great option for delivering an artistic and creativity driven look to your interiors.

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 6.00x0.00x0.00 Inch

About the seller

Sohit Kumar prajapati
Sohit Kumar Prajapati

Sohit Kumar Prajapati is National Awardee ;in 2015 for Black pottery and Terracotta craft.

Clay art or potter's art is practiced in India by the potter 'Kumhar' community.This community is traditionally called Prajapati.the creator, which is named after the Hindu God Brahma-The creator of the universe.It is one of the earliest and most useful crafts in India.This craft has been continuing since pre-historic times.

Sohit kumar prajapati and his forefathers have been in Black pottery and Terracotta craft and Sohit kumar prajapati promoting the indian traditions through his craft work.

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