Colorful Large Peacock Boat - Ethnic Dhokra Art Sculpture (15) -

Colorful Large Peacock Boat - Ethnic Dhokra Art Sculpture (15)

8,999 (Incl. of all taxes)

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Dhokra Art is native to Chattisgarh region of India where the tribal artisans use the ancient 'lost wax' process to cast brass into shapes of dancing figures, their deities and animals. This sort of metal casting has been used in India for over 4000 years. Dhokra Art is a dying art and there are very few artisans who still possess the knowledge & skill of this art. Thankfully due to great demand in domestic and foreign markets because of its primitive simplicity, enchanting folk motifs and forceful form, it has resulted in improving life of these tribal people


  • Dhokra Art


  • Brass


  • Casting,Lost Wax Casting

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deepak mishra
i am deepak. i am designer and manufacturer. I am dealing with brass handicraft home décor product

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