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Dhokra brass deepak stand(34)

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The Dhokra craft dates back to the Indus valley civilisation about 4000 years ago and is primarily a non ferrous metal casting method. Moulds of clay are made and dried, post which they are covered with beeswax as per the design required on the artefacts. Once this is dried, the moulds are covered further with another layer of clay which is again dried. After the outer cover is dried, hot molten brass alloy is poured into the outer shell, which causes the wax to melt and the metal to take its place, thus creating a mirror image of the wax design. Note that scrap brass metal is used in this technique too and hence upcycling takes place in the process, enhancing the value of the product.


  • Brass Work,Dhokra Art


  • Brass


  • Casting,Lost Wax Casting

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deepak mishra
i am deepak. i am designer and manufacturer. I am dealing with brass handicraft home décor product

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